Adirondack Nationals
come to Lake George!


The show is held right on the shores of 
Lake George, a really scenic area. This 
show has grass, a beautiful lake, and a 
steam powered paddle boat with a 
restaurant and live band.

Looks like this guy might have had a 
few police chases under his belt! This 
artwork was on the sides of his Chevy 
truck. All vehicles have to be pre-1981 
for the show.

Real nice '78 Camaro. There weren't
a lot of 
Camaros from this time, but
the ones we saw 
looked great. It will
be a few years before 

Steven's Camaro looks like this.

This Camaro was painted a Cobalt blue,
to ours in the background. It
looks nice with the 
hood striping, a
classic early 70's muscle car!

This Charger was immaculate. Lots of
whole underside was like new.

The louvers on the sides and hood had
a nice 
paint fade from dark to light.

The Warren Country police and NY
police were all over. In cars,
on bikes, on horses, 
on foot. They
were basically a pain in the butt! 

This cycle driver here made the mistake
smoking his tire for a few seconds.
He was last 
seen handcuffed in the
back of a police car, with 
bike being towed away!

A nice Cobra here. There were a lot
of cars 
with Canadian plates, this area
is a popular 
tourist spot from Montreal.
Check out the 
spectators, at least 2-3
deep around the 
3 mile drive. Only cars
in the show were
allowed on the cruise.

The weekend was warm and sunny, 
perfect for the show!


This is one of 4 boats that cruise the 
lake, an authentic steam paddle wheel
originally from about 1875, rebuilt
in 1969. 
It also has a calliope, and the
staff everything 
from Bach to Beatles on
the keyboard. 
You can hear it all over
town, and that means 
the boat is going
to be leaving soon. This is 
actually 2
pictures spliced together, it's too 
big for
just one. Like a lot of things in 
this area,
the name is derived from an 
Indian word.

This CBX was owned by one of the 
vendors, nice bike!

Trying to get a shot of the 
bumblebee striped Camaro!

A must have for any serious hot rodder. 
Get 'yer wheels up in the air!

Lots of cars started out like this. 
People have photo albums next to their 
cars, showing all the work 
that was done to get them restored.

This was an interesting truck, and
I really 
don't have too much
information on it. It looks 
a restoration, but there were no
name tags. Looks like some
of the Hot 
Wheels trucks that
are out, a retro, 30's look.


This was on the back of the truck,
color coordinated drag car.

I don't think this Prowler needed any
made for a nice display though.

The show ended with a great fireworks 
display over the lake. We got tee shirts, 
some wiring supplies, and about an 
hour's worth of video tape! This has 
to be just about the best show of the 
year, at least for New York.