Boston Trip - June 7/8


We decided to spend the weekend in Boston for
our 23rd anniversary. Saturday was rainy, so
that was a museum and shopping day. Sunday 
was bright and sunny, perfect for seeing the
shops and vendors in Quincy Market and Fanuel 
Hall.We were thinking of a boat tour, but spent
all of our time sightseeing around the city instead.


This movie was way cool. James Cameron's 
second Titanic movie, the first one has 
Celine Dion in the soundtrack, this one has 
Russian ship hands explaining how 
borsch is made.

The movie documents a second visit to
the Titanic to gather information and
document the condition of the wreckage.
The Imax film format makes almost any
topic larger than life. 

Recreated scenes from Titanic photos 
are juxtaposed over film of how the ship 
looks now, giving the appearance of ghosts 
loading cargo, relaxing on deck, and 
otherwise enjoying themselves. 

The 3-D effects were good, the real 
interest in the movie was the new robots 
(Jake and Elwood) that were developed
to probe further into the wreckage and
bring back images from deep inside.

One of the things I always notice 
while travelling, is how crummy our 
local radio stations are when compared 
to other cities. Being in the Boston 
area for a few days, part of the 
experience is  checking out the local 
stations. They make  our Albany 
stations look tame in comparison. 

We have about 6 stations worth 
listening to, but all seem to play to 
the same audience. Each one wants 
to be the station everyone listens
to at work, which means bland playlists 
and replays of the top songs all day 
long. Boston stations seem to have 
more snap and attitude. I wonder 
if a big beam antenna will get me some
of the Boston or Springfield stations?

Our motel was the Marriot Long Wharf, 
a ritzy  place right in the heart of Boston. 
We get checked in, and go upstairs to our 
room. Opening the door, we find that there
is someone still there! Their stuff is all over
the room, and we are wondering if someone 
may be coming back to the  room soon. Back
to registration, the people there  are very 
surprised and apologetic, we are given a 
new room in the Presidential Suite. This 
time, the  room is actually empty, and we 
finally get checked in.

On Sunday, we have lunch outside at Cheers. 
They have a new location, in addition to the 
original Beacon Hill bar. One of their souvenir 
shirts says  "I don't even know my name..." 
We have a great  lunch, and receive our bill, 
or should I say, someone  else's bill, and 
their credit card! A few minutes later, 
guy walks up and asks if this might be our 
tab? We hand back the credit card, there 
went our afternoon  shopping spree.

Other than that, we are just hanging
out on the back deck, the usual.