Brian's Web Page


Brian at age 9. Stronger than a locomotive, 
faster than a speeding bullet....

Christmas 97', a new drum set is added to the gifts.

Brian's foot was in a cast for 6 weeks, 
after running into the couch! We ride the 
ATV in our yard, lots of fun in winter.

We came across this nice bigfoot 
truck at a car show in Cape Cod.

Kindergarden graduation, St. Madeleine Sophie School.

Brian and Grandma, posing with the helicopter 
we watched land. Brian came within 2 seconds 
of winning a vacation to Florida that day, 
in a DARE race sponsered by K-MART.

Brian always woke up early, and 
his little feet hit the floor running.

Brian started racing at Tri Cities BMX this summer, lots of fun, those kids are fast.
Brian, Shawn and a friend at Tri Cities BMX. Track is really nice, well laid out, nice concession stand, a really wholesome place, just what you would expect for Rotterdam.
One of the pro racers at Tri Cities BMX. Some of these kids have been racing since they were 4 years old.
We ride the ATV in the woods a lot. This spot is near the microwave towers, up the hill from the gun club property. 
A new Schwinn racing bike. Brian earned the money for this himself.
The finish line. This is where you see if all that practice has paid off
BMX Racing Season - Summer '00
This set of jumps is at the end of the starting ramp, so the riders have a lot of speed by the time they reach it.
Brian's #1 First Place trophy. He placed 1st in all 3 motos to get this, the first time of the season. Tri City doesn't give trophies for the Main, which some other tracks do.
Riders line up for practices and for start of a race. Brian has a Schwinn Predator, he had a great year with it.

This was Brian's 12th birthday present. I sort of got tired of the junky R/C cars at the toy stores. This is the real thing. Traxxas T-Maxx .15 nitro!
Birthday #12. Always an ice cream cake,
usually with a race car decoration. 
This was the annual K-Mart DARE race. Nice cars, they ran well. Brian's didn't win anything, but his time was good.

Some serious air on the ATV! You can hardly see the pole that was supporting him for the shot.
Lishakill Band had a performance 
at a local mall around the holidays. 
The band plays out a lot, which 
is good experience for the members.
The T-Maxx, brand new. It hasn't looked like this for awhile, and now we are into the stage where everything is being upgraded with newer and / or faster parts.