"Developers wreck trails
in the name of profits!"

Where Brian is standing is where the woods 
*used* to be! Graders have moved thousands of 
cubic yards of earth to prepare the site for building.


These machines make short work of anything living 
on the construction site. The tree machines and chain 
saws came before them, now there are only large piles 
of wood chips left where there was once a forest.


This was used to pull out the tree stumps 
and load trucks.


This area used to be home to all kinds of animals. 
We would see wild turkey, deer, rabbit and fox 
while out riding.


"OK, this should hold these guys off for awhile, 
until reinforcements arrive."


This is looking toward the east side of the site. The 
area was all woods like those in the background a few 
months ago. I have been riding on these trails for 20 
years, the kids nearly from the age they could walk. 
It's hard to see it all being taken away.


These graders are HUGE. They have 4 wheel drive, an 
engine front and rear, and are nearly unstoppable.


The homes in the background are on the road that 
forms one of the boundries of the site. The 80 homes 
of "SouthWind Acres" will call this place home by 
the end of the year.


OK, so we'll ride here until we get kicked out!


These dirt hills make great places to play 
King of the Mountain.


Brain gets a good push, and a soft landing.


We wandered into this mud, it was about the 
consistancy of whipped cream. The ATV 
immediately sank, and it took 
about an hour to pry it loose from the glop.


Why, not even mud flinging' wheelspin would 
get this out! We are now up to the foot pegs 
in mud, and it got worse. 


All this mud slogging required some serious cleanup.