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Happy Birthday! Now Mom is older than Dad once again, for half a year anyway.

Once upon a time, we went 
to a relatives picnic. Carol sat for some pics in this 
cool T - Bucket.


A backyard picnic, with Carol, Mark and Mom.  We spend a lot of time here when the weather is nice, the gas grill is handy, the pool is in the background, and Jingle gets to wander around the yard on her leash.

We visited the Jelly 
Mill in Vermont for lunch. Great place, Vermont has lots of  nice spots like this.

Thanksgiving is always 
a great time to get together and have a family dinner!

Mom gets a nice crystal "Mom" for Christmas.

Carol and Chris Finnerty. This was at a party at the Finnerty's house. Great folks, they are always planning gatherings for friends and relatives.

  Carol visited Calif. in Jan. of '79. We drove into Hollywood for dinner at the Flying Tiger restaurant.

During the summer in  DC, we got to visit some great exhibits and museums. Also got to see Fleetwood Mac in concert.

An early picture in the family room, decorated with Alaska souvenirs.

Jingle enjoys a scratching from Mom. Cats know 
who their master is,  can you tell?

Visiting "It's a Small World" at Disneyland in California.

The Glens Falls Hot Air Balloon Festival, colorful and fun.

The St. Clare's summer picnic is always a good place for food and fun.