Fall / Winter Trail Riding

The great weather has let us get out
and do more riding than ever!


There will be new homes in here soon enough.

OK, so it was awhile before Christmas, who could resist?

This was a huge pile of leftover produce,
possibly for deer to feed on.


This car is close to a classic Hot Wheels model,
a Nomad station wagon.  

This car has lost some serious resale value. 
It was sort of sinking into the ground.

The engine is still there, most of it anyway.
This was a chilly 
day, great for riding.

The sky was just as blue as possible, not a cloud
anywhere. We have 
discovered miles of new trails,
which take us near an airport, a golf 
course, a
cemetery, power lines, corn fields, and a large lake. 


The Honda did get to come inside for some pictures. 
It was clean as any trail bike has a right to be.

Now that's a pretty good pose. You
take pictures until you get lucky.


Don't you hate it when you get stuck, and there is 
someone around to take a picture??

The water traps were skinned over with ice, some places
would support you, other places, it wouldn't.

We have driven past this radar tower for years, but
got close to it, until now. This is the main tower
for air traffic 
control for Albany International. 

Looks like a big version of the ones you
had for your Lionel train set.