One of the BOCES staffers I work with, 

Ken Petersen, belongs to a flying club. 

One sunny afternoon, we took this plane out 

for a ride. We flew around South Albany for a 

bit, did a stop and go landing at Albany Airport, 

and flew over the area near NERIC and my house.


This plane has a lot of instruments 

for such a small  cockpit.

Ken tops off the wing tanks before the flight.

This shot is after our landing at Albany Airport, 

this is Wolf Road, looking north. 

This is the new Mohawk Mall, our house is 

near the bottom somewhere.

A view of Capital Region BOCES. NERIC is the

building with the set of 6 white window

highlights. The VOTEC campus is just below,

with its large group of buildings.

State University at Albany.

South Mall, the day was really clear, but some

blur in the pictures was caused by the plexiglass

windows in the plane.

Looking south along the Hudson river. We were 

on our way to Columbia County Airport for a 

stop for some dinner.

We got the plane parked and tied down, there was a 

restaurant within walking distance of the airport.