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Jeff's 7th grade school picture

One of Jeff's favorite ECEC
teachers, Richard.

Jeff got to dance with his 
teacher at a school beach party!

Birthday #5! Jeff was pretty 
happy about this whole celebration idea.

Time was, when Jeff would fit right on top of 
our counter top! Not now. He had a great time.

The front driveway made a great spot 
for tricycles and all rolling toys.

One of Jeff's favorite toys, a rocking horse!

Here is Jeff on the computer at home, down loading a cheat code for one of his Nintendo games. He loves the bonus levels the special codes can give you.

This pic is from a hay ride that we go on each Halloween at Van Ettan's farm. The farm is huge, there can be 10 to 20 groups of people at different locations, each with their own snacks and bonfires.

First day of school, 9th grade. Jeff's first year in the high school, with all the changes of making it through the hallways between classes, and finding time to get to his locker and back on time!

Jeff was nominated for a Student Leader
award and got to go on stage to accept it.

A lot of get well wishes came from school 
when Jeff was out for surgery .

Halloween had Jeff as Mr. Pizza Man. He 
earned this as pizza is his favorite lunch. 
Brian is South Park Stan, and his friend
Eric Swit is Austin Powers.

A great Cape sunset!

Jeff gets to play with the Mac 
computer at Mark's apartment.

Jeff got to watch our efforts to get 
the plane off the ground, we 
never got it to take off and
then land safely.

First Communion, 5/8/94.

8th grade graduation, and some awards!

The beach is a great place to 
build sand castles.

Jeff had an operation on his hip, and
had to have this unusual cast on
for several weeks afterward.

Christmas presents everywhere, great fun!

The new tricycle was everyone's favorite.

First day of school, 8th grade.

Jeff's best friend Mike helps to
celebrate birthday #16.

Game Cube was a great Christmas
present for 2002.

A Mickey Mouse pillow for Christmas!

Another operation, right leg. Brian 
volunteered to help out with the

Jeff received his acceptance letter 
to the College of Saint Rose on 12/12/03!

Jeff and Mom before going to HS graduation
night at the Egg! Congradulations Jeff!


Jeff and his buddy Mr. Rivera from Lishakill Middle School.