Lake George Winter Carnival 2005

This weekend was week two of the
Lake George Winter Carnival. It 
mostly snowmobile oriented,
but there were lots of other machines
there, including ATV's, cycles,
a hovercraft, and even a few airplanes.

The lake has been frozen solid with the
cold we have had over the 
past month or so.
The only open water areas were roped off,
and they 
were around the stored boats
and other floating structures.

It's kind of scary, to be able to drive
as fast as you want, for as long 
as you
want. The lake is 32 miles long, and you
can ride from one end to 
the other,
at top speed. The surface was smooth,
with some 
areas of shiny ice, mostly it
had a thin crust of snow or rough ice.

The studded tires worked great, plenty
of traction at speed, but not 
so much
that the tires break away without a warning.

Brian and I took part in the drag race
contest, my lane was so rutted 
that I got
completely sideways right off the start,
and had only 
wheelspin after that.
Brian raced a Yamaha 450 quad a few
times and 
got beat, only because the
quad had so much more traction.

The next contest was a wheelie contest,
which Brian entered, 
and won. We got two
TrailPass memberships for that, worth
for the pair, a nice prize. That
will let us explore a huge trail network 

this summer here in the northeast.

The only thing we didn't get to do is the
hillclimb up to Prospect 
Mtn. The road
was open only to snowmobiles for some
reason. It's 
a paved road to the top, but
really steep, so it would have been a
challenge going up it on the
snow and with studded tires.

The village of Lake George had legalized
off road vehicle traffic 
throughout the town
for the weekend, so we were able to take 
a ride
through town to get lunch! Had to be
careful because of the 
studs on pavement,
but it was great to cruise past a PD
and simply wave! Our bikes set off
a few car alarms as we drove past,
something about the pop of the exhaust
that the alarms didn't like.

Next weekend the cycle ice races are
scheduled, so that 
should bring
out a lot of motorcycle enthusiasts.


This is about 10 miles out from the starting point, 20 more miles to ride!


I finally got a kickstand, came in handy,  there  isn't always  a
place to lean your bike against  when you're out riding.

Nice paint on this radical snowmobile.

Brian gets instructions before the wheelie contest.

One of the three planes that had landed on the lake.

Brian starts the wheelie contest. He went way 
beyond the 300' mark for the overall win.