Lake George
Winter Festival 2004

Have seen these advertised,
this looks like it could go anywhere.

Some of the quads waiting for
their access to the race track

Quads are generally lowered and
studded tires added for ice racing.

Yamaha ready to race, throttle
shut-off also required by AMA.

Bikes need front and back fenders,
front brake has to be removed, either
the lever or the disk. Bikes are
generally lowered, spiked tires added,
and throttle kill is mandatory.

Here's a CR85 Expert in ice-race
trim. The Hondas were out in force,
and took the wins in most classes.

A classic Triumph ice racer, I
would have loved to hear this run.

This is a Rokon 2 wheel drive cycle,
came out in the 70's I believe.

I don't know WHAT this is, may be
a Vespa of some sort, interesting
little two-stroke, had a siren on the

Another class waits for their
practice lap and then race.

This Piper Cub was circling the lake,
then came in for a quick landing.

Fitted with skis, it's all ready
for a snow or ice landing.

The plane got into the air
easily at about 40 or 50 MPH.

Friends of Brian's were driving this
Jeep, lots of crazy stuff on the ice
later in the day.

This Dodge was nice, some engine
work included, it's a big truck.

In 2 wheel drive, they were
getting some serious snow roosts
from the back tires.

The Jeep got some air
on a few of the snow jumps.