Mark's Web Page...

Christmas '01, a great Beatles book is here.

An early picture at Grandma's. The Atari 
game has everyone's attention.

A family get together, all the Bolduc cousins.

Cape Cod vacation, Skaket beach portrait.

Returning from vacation, all the kids dozed 
off, Mark looks a little worried about this.

Jeff and Brian get a ride in the 
wagon at Grandma's.

Grandma's house, after a complete 
revovation, inside and out.

Every year this tree puts on a show
of blazing colorful fall leaves. 
There used to be two of them!

West Dennis beach, vacation 2000.

Yet another relaxing beach shot, this
one at Skaket beach, 2001.

Relaxing at the All Seasons pool, a great
place to swim, eat, and relax in the sun.

Everyone was laughing over something here.

Mark and long time friend Bill Stempsey.
Both are long-time Cape Cod fans.

A trip to Lake Placid the summer
before the Olympic Games.

Ginger finds a comfortable spot in the
middle of the Christmas display.

Cool ride, two motors, lots of power here.

Steven and Jeff get to visit Mark's 
classroom at Mercy High School.

A celebration before Mark leaves for
seminary in Washington D.C.

Lots of help to move furniture to Mark's 
new apartment.