CJ's Third Annual
Ossa Day 2004

Deke and Yankee Bob share a trailer hitch and a
cool drink after the ride was over

I got to take a spin on this nicely restored
evolution Ossa. Terrific bike, except for the
ArmorAll on the seat? Made hitting the
brakes an interesting proposition.

Rita was the ultimate host, I never had an empty
Corona bottle the whole day. She made this cool
Ossa cake also.

Yankee Bob's daily rider, I got to take a spin on the
road with it. Bob forgot to mention the minor problem
about the back disk brakes (they didn't work!). Front
ones worked OK, it was nice to be back on a Yankee
again after 30 years.

YankeeBob is building a 100 point bike for a
customer, he was getting ready to deliver or
show the work so far. This is an amazing bike,
restored to even newer condition than his museum
bike. Mint NOS Full Bore rear knobby? How
many of those are left, anywhere?

Some other views of the same bike, better than new.

Can you spell m-i-n-t condition Yankee?

My Yankee restore is coming along pretty well.
Though it wasn't ready to ride that day, it's
getting close. See that empty space where the
carbs are normally located? Well, they're in
Texas somewhere, still waiting for them to
get finished and returned.

In fact, the engine has to be dissembled, and
returned to Calif. to have the cranks checked.
They are out of alignment, by too far a margin
to allow reliable operation of the motor at all.

I'm hoping it's something easy to resolve, because
I want to go riding! A bash plate is still needed
for ANY off-road riding. The factory expansion
chambers are very rare, and would be impossible
to fix or replace if they got damaged.

Ossa Day Notes from CJ:

This was the best annual OSSA day yet! Many
Ossaheads canceled last minute unfortunately for them. 
The weather (and trail conditions) couldn't have been
better for the ride.

Approximately twenty miles of great woods riding in a
new area was enjoyed by Deke MacPhearson (72 Pioneer),
Alex Snoop (76 Mountaineer), Ken Irwin (77 Super
Pioneer), Skip Albers (custom built Explorer/Super P./
Desert Phantom/SDR) Yankee Bob (Yankee) Robert Haag
& his girlfriend (72 Pioneer) and myself (73 SDR)
complete with an MX track near where we parked
to unload.

The ride was fun and just enough challenging to keep
it enjoyable for everyone. I'm once again fighting with the
photo area of this website to accept my digital photos of
the ride/cookout. Yes - we all agreed - Cookout.

Rita was busy preparing 'eats' while we were out riding.
When we arrived back at the shop Dave Seitz (with his
beautifully restored Yankee) and Billy Peetom were
here as well.  Rita even whipped up one of her special
green & white OSSA cakes along with some 'chicken
from hell' - ya had to be here. Everyone enjoyed
looking in OSSA central as well, though Billy still
couldn't find his shock bushings in my parts bin.

Dave Seitz has some photos of the cookout on his
Yankee website as well.  Everyone agreed this one was
the best yet (Deke and Alex gave it a thumbs up). Next
year - as always - the first Saturday in May. Next
years ride/cookout will be open to this years
attendants and invitation only as I've decided to keep
the number of riders more limited than in previous years.
Though Mats, Denny and Doug are always welcome if
they can make the trip.