Colorado Outward Bound Picture Gallery


Our group, 9 of us in all. 
Great trip, we knew each 
other well by the end.

Our public service project involved rebuilding a bridge that had been washed out. It took several days, I'm on top left, with the saw!


Evening around the campfire.
One of the members had a
Hasselblad camera, which 
allowed this natural light shot.

Our group, heading in to base 
camp. The hiking was not always 
on smooth roads like this, it 
was more likely to be a 
mountain trail just wide enough 
for a single hiker. Scenery 
was pristine 
and beautiful.

In the 1890's, silver was 
discovered in this area of 
Colorado. This is the only 
surviving silver mine where 
the ore was broken down to 
get to the silver. It is a 
state historic site.

This a Columbine, the state flower 
of Colorado. It was very rare, an endangered species. We only 
saw one on the whole trip, and 
it was growing out of this rock. 

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