CJ's Fourth Annual
Ossa Day 2005

Group picture of some of the riders at
the end of the day. Perfect day for a ride!

Yankee in the middle. This was the first time it
had been on a trail ride in more than 25 years,
it was last registered in NY in 1978.

Everyone gathered at CJ's house after the ride to
relax, have a great meal, and talk about future rides.

Deke McPhereson explains why Men are better than Women.

Dave Flach and his wife. The ride was held on Dave's
700 acre farm. Terrific ride, couldn't be better.

Mark and CJ having a good time, lots of Corona
available to celebrate the Ossa day.

Peit Boonstra published a new book, and
was offering autographed copies at the picnic.

CJ's wife Rita, the ultimate hostess!

Dave Flach and Billy Peetoom make plans for the next ride.

  Bob Hicks reads a story from the new book. Riding
keeps you young, just ask Bob, he's 75 years young!

John Leone has his own publication, his book is next.

Ken Maguire, left, is President of the SMOG group
and publishes the group newsletter.

Alex Snoop (right) has a long career as a cycle racer, shop
owner, and presently top notch Ossa mechanic.