Hot Wheels Nationals

Reston, Virginia. April 9th - 14th, 2002

This poster is pretty awesome. Phil Riehlman was giving them out at the autograph session. This is going to be framed for the HW room.

The ultimate Cord display. Several people's collections 
were put together for this Cord bonanza!

This poster was in the hotel lobby. Would have been better in full color. No avoiding the camera flash here.

Every floor had one of these sign posts just outside the elevator.  Anything Hot Wheels you want, it's there.

I had the Scrape signed by Darryl Starbird, Phil Riehlman, Larry Wood, Carson Lev, and MiQ WillmOtt.

Check out this creative effort. The whole bed was 
covered by this design.  Says "Redlines For Sale."

Various prototypes, some resin, others pre-production 
in some form or other. These cars are rare, and expensive.

I had Phil Riehlman sign the Mace Bus. He designed it. 

A lot of the convention is about, what were you able to find? 
Here is what I came home with.....

Bugs 'n Buses Set, below store price

Motorin' Music, been looking for years for this one!

100th Anniversary of the Automobile, 12 car set

Vintage Race Team (blowout at $25.00 each!!)

Bruce Meyer, Vintage Racing Series

Color FX Military Machines Set, two had
the flamed tank inside. Since these are usually
dark, no one thinks that this $3 set might have the $80 tank!

2001 Convention VW Bus, common tampos.

Penske Buses, black, and silver.

Bonus Cars, 18 of them. I collect these things.

BMW 850 from FAO set. I needed this, since
my set has 2 Ferraris, and no BMW.

Hills Camaro, loose. One of the nicest '67 Camaros

'70 Chevelle, from 1999 McDonalds Charity Auction

180 car acrylic display case

Dozens and dozens of loose mint blackwalls. This
is what we were really at the convention for!