Steven's Web Page...

This studio portrait was taken around 
Steven's 12th birthday.

Little League was a lot of fun. 

A school trip to NYC, this is on the ferry 
boat to Liberty Island.

The Schenectady Air Show has 
lots of interesting planes.

For his 7th birthday, Steven got a ride in a 
real limo! He was crazy about limos at the 
time, so we surprised him big-time with this.


Our first computer was a borrowed PC Jr. 
There were some games on it, one called 
"Word Chase". Steven was about 4 at the 
time, and managed to correctly 
spell the word "secretary" to win the game. 
He was pretty happy about this.


As a little tyke, Steve used to love to play 
in the sink. I do mean "in" the sink!

 This picture shows how early Steven started on 
his car collection. There are some nice Burago, 
Matchbox, and other models here. The Porsche
Race Team Transport set was espcially nice.

On a school trip to NYC, some of our group 
posed outside of the New Jersey Science 
Museum. Nick Belcastro & parents, Mark 
Murray, John Gillick, and a hungry looking 
dinosaur of some sort.



Steven's Hot Wheels Collection

Numbered packs here, starting with the 
Old #5 as the #1 pack. All in clear protecto 
packs now, less dust.

New cars being found require that some of the 
cars come down, to make room for the new numbers. 

There are lots of loose cars displayed, 
4 or 5 cases at least. All the good 
ones are in the acrylic display from Christmas.



The guys learned how to drive the ATV over the 
winter. The snow is a little safer to ride on, you 
slide instead of hooking up.

We do our best to confuse Jingle. Here 
someone was inside tapping on the window, 
which got her a bit crazy.

At the Hot Wheels convention in LA, this 
was the room of someone (Roy) that had 
tons of great stuff. Floor to ceiling, beds 
covered, we bought a lot of cars from him.



    Steven's Web Page

Steven was always a Lego maniac! I think he 
still has these buildings put away somewhere.

We has a great HO train set in the basement 
at one time. The trains displayed on the wall 
are just some of the engines and rolling 
stock that made up the set.

The layout doesn't show up too well here, 
but was made up of 4 sheets of 4'x8' 
plywood. All the track was soldered, to 
keep the trains on the track! There were 
three main lines, a smaller switcher yard, 
and different bridges and buildings.


A brand new red tricycle! 
Now, even more mobility than ever.

One of Steven's first formal portraits, 
about 9 months old.

A later picture, with younger Jeff for company.

Steven's school picture for 1994.

Monsignor  and Steven at St. Clare's 
Church, Confirmation.

 Confirmation was a big event for the whole family.

Steven receives his HS graduation diploma, 
Empire State Plaza Convention Center, 2002.

Colonie High School, Senior Portrait, 2002



New Arrival!

Steven turned 16 awhile back, and had been saving his money 
for a car, like we suggested. OK, here we go, this is the car. 
It's an '81 Camaro, the last year of the series 2 body type.

It had been stored for the past 2 years, so it looks beter now 
after a weekend of scrubbing and cleaning. Other mechanical 
stuff is being done this week to make it reliable.


Overall condition is good, with a new 350 4 bolt 
engine with about 6k miles. Other engine goodies 
include a 750 cfm Holly carb, Hooker headers, 
Edelbrock manifold, Mallory ignition, 
American Racing wheels, Competition cam. 


It's already fast, lots of ponies to roll it down the road. 

License plate is HOT WHELZ, a good description.