Fun Stuff....

For birthday #12, Brian got a nitro powered truck. He 
loves it, and I can't blame him. The thing is awesome. It 
has been spending most of its time plowing through the 
snow. Four wheel drive. Radio control. We have pulled it 
into a friends driveway, almost a block away. Sure 
surprised him. I'm sure glad that I...ahhhh, Brian... has 
these neat toys.

A buddy painted the truck, came out nice.

These are the factory suggested colors.

Chassis is built tough, takes a lot of abuse.

Engine is a .15 2 stroke, runs on nitromethane.


These links show some movies of how fast the truck is.
May download slow, but check it out!

T-Maxx - Evolution Movie

T-Maxx - Crash and Fly!

T-Maxx - Climb and Jump!

T-Maxx - Competition!!