So far in our driving experience,
Carol and I 
have been hit from behind 5
times. The latest was 
Friday morning, when
a half awake driver took out 
3 cars on the
morning commute. Carol called right 
the collision and I went by to help out. 

 This car was driven by a young girl
that had just 
finished her night shift at a
local gentelman's club.



The Honda plowed into this brand new leased
Owner will have to get it patched
up, and live with it 
for the rest of the lease.


   The Laser will need the exhaust system
and the 
rear bumper supports replaced.
Luckily, no one was 
hurt, and no air bags
went off. Should I just get a 
bulls-eye for the back of the cars?

Camaro receives instant remodeling
job in parking lot!!

Well, I guess I'll just throw this in at
the bottom. Tuesday afternoon, Steven runs
into a car in a 
parking lot (Lincoln Continental),
and wrecks his right fender and the Lincoln's
left fender. No ticket, 
but it will go against
his insurance. We own all 
the repairs on this
one, no collision insurance, 
which we all
understood. I hope the rest of the 
sees no more damaged cars, I'm meeting
these police much too often.