Christmas 2001

OK, so it was awhile before Christmas, who could resist?

Steven received this model of the Capitol from Mark.

Carol has even more chocolates to worry about here.

Another early Christmas present, this large
clock has been chiming next to my
computer desk for a 
few months now.

Christmas morning, before eveything was
It looked great. Here's proof. 

Jingle found and opened her present before anyone else.

The guys pose for a picture before presents.
Christmas starts 
later as the kids get into  their
It used to start around 4 AM.

Mark checks out a Beatles story book he received.

This has got to be the biggest Hershey's bar ever.

This was the most entertaining toy of the day. 
You balance a golf ball on a tee, but the ball is 
inside a liquid filled glass dome. I still haven't 
done it, though Steven gets it now in one or two tries.

The Honda did get to come inside for some pictures. 
It was clean as any trail bike has a right to be.

 A new Holly carb for Christmas is a
great present, just ask Steven.