Some pictures from our trip...
All packed for the trip, here we are getting ready for the flight to NYC. My wife and son, my boss (Penny), a friend Jan, all out to see us off.
Here we have arrived at the "office", a communications center that hosted the web site "MostNet" and other services. Staffers were happy to pose for a picture.
Many (most!) evenings were spent in a very comfortable apartment, enjoying the hospitality of Alexander and his wife Natasha. 
The bottom floor of the motel had a restaurant with excellent Russian crusine. A wedding was going on this same night, with dancing to mostly American pop music.
David poses next to a bust of Alexander the Great. The placque says that part of the 15th century wall that surrounded early Moscow was found here while digging the subway tunnels.
There was a time, not long ago, that visitors would not be allowed near the gates of the Kremlin, much less inside the fortress walls. We were free to roam the entire area.
We were in Moscow to put into operation a distance learning/exchange project that would allow children to exchange experiences, ideas, and discover that they were not so different than other children, many thousands of miles away.

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